Kimberly relates how she became the Family Storyteller, "I had a good friend, Oliver Hedge, lose his father, George Hedge, to cancer.  He told me his family set up a video camera in a room at the church where they held the viewing so people could record their favorite memories about his father as they came through to say good-bye.  When they returned home, what they had on the tape was a lot of people just saying they were sorry about the family's loss.  No one left a favorite story about his father.  When I spoke to this friend, I found out he was holding on to his father's old flip-style cell phone just because it had his father's voice saved in the phone's voicemail greeting.  I knew in that moment I had the skills, the training, the interviewing technique to get the memorable sound out of any interview subject, and the talent to create lifelong keepsakes for families that would last generations.  I knew I needed to preserve people's stories in documentary format, with a professional voiceover, that includes old pictures, old videos, interviews with many/all of their family members/friends.  I can combine all of these elements in a documentary type story that shares the life of a person with their posterity, leaving it behind for grandchildren and great grandchildren who may never have the chance to know them."

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