Kimberly Houk

Document your ancestry using an experienced videographer from Family Storyteller.

We are a nation that likes our video.  From birthday parties, to weddings, to the birth of our babies, we want to capture every precious family memory we can.  With the availability of video on cell phones, video is everywhere.  Sometimes it may document things that are important to our ancestry.  Since video is so abundant everywhere these days, you might think you are doing your best to keep your family documented, but sadly, many of these memories are not recorded, or are lost.  Now you can preserve your ancestry in a beautiful ocumentary from our talented journalist and videographers.  What better way to share the history of your ancestors with your future family, than to capture and preserve your memories on a professionally recorded video documentary.

Kimberly Houk uses her vast background as a broadcast journalist to present your family story in an organized and beautiful way.  She compiles together articles, journals, videos, and images to portray your loved ones in an accurate and heartwarming presentation.  Highlight the life of your loved ones through a narrated life story, complete with interviews of various family and friends.  We encourage many family members to participate in the ancestry documentation of their loved ones through by completing interviews with our journalist and videographer.  Historical events, times, people, and places can be preserved so that future generations can understand their lineage, and the history of their family.  Kimberly is capable of incorporating your ancestor's history, combined with current stories so that there is an accurate representation of your family tree.

We encourage you to bring Kimberly your existing videos, newspaper clippings or articles, awards, memorabilia, heirlooms, and anything else that is relevant to your ancestry.  Kimberly has a knack of incorporating these precious items into your high definition video documentary to preserve your heritage for generations to come.  Leave a legacy for your loved ones and let them truly understand who they are and where they come from.  You will receive nothing but the finest quality finished product when you choose to have our journalist and videographers capture and preserve your family's ancestry.  We will craft a beautiful portrayal of your loved ones and tell your story, the way you want it told.  Don't let the internet be the source of your history.  Don't let false stories define your family.  Document your memories in a beautiful high definition piece created by Kimberly and her team.

It is Family Storyteller's goal to preserve and present your family's history in an accurate and stunning manner.  When your relatives get together to tell future generations about their legacy, you will be presented with a beautifully produced video that will capture your family's history for generations to come.