Kimberly Houk

Family Storyteller offers videography that highlights your family tree and lineage, preserving it for future generations.

Who are you?  Where did you come from?  Who are your ancestors?  What events surround your genealogy?  What does your family tree look like?  These are questions that many of us ponder at one point or another in our lives.  It is not always easy to get the answers to the questions we are asking, but you can make it easier for future generations to find out the genealogy of their ancestors and their family tree.  Family Storyteller is a premier producer of quality video documentaries that will add to the family collection of history.  You can clearly outline your family tree and the history of your ancestor's genealogy when you partner with us.

What do you get?  You get a beautifully crafted, high definition interview style documentary video that includes photos/images, newspaper clippings, memorabilia, music, voice recordings, and anything else that may be relevant to your family tree and genealogy.  Kimberly Houk, a broadcast journalist has developed the necessary skills to gather all the information and compile it into a video format.  You can keep your family tree alive when you capture these precious memories and historical events on film.  Tell your story YOUR way!  Don't let some stranger on the internet describe your ancestry, family tree, and genealogy.  Take control of your genealogy and create a timeless video documentary that captures what your ancestors were really like.

Do you have favorite stories that you want to include in your video documentary?  Enrich your history, family tree, ancestry, and genealogy when you include custom stories.  Kimberly is an expert at interviewing and drawing out the favorite memories and pastimes from family and friends.  Do your relatives want to voice their genealogy and ancestry?  Maybe they can add details to the family tree.  Our motto is the more the merrier.  And the more accurate your historical genealogy will be for future generations.  Don't let your life and posterity be forgotten and don't let your family tree fall.  Document your genealogy and ancestry with highlights of your past in a well crafted video from Family Storyteller.

Why just write the words on paper, when you can leave a video documentary that future generations can not only see, but feel through your emotions and stories.  Make your stories come to life when you capture these memories with Family Storyteller.  Your ancestry, genealogy, and family tree DO matter!  Don't let your story seep into ground, bound to be lost forever.  This will make it so difficult for future generations to know who they are and where they came from.  Contact Kimberly today to preserve your heritage and lineage.