Kimberly Houk

Family Storyteller tracks your family affairs through quality video production.

There is so much that occurs throughout your history and genealogy.  Special affairs, events, celebrations, vacations, parties, and other get togethers can come and go in the flash of an eye.  Many people search for images or video of their family affairs to remember what it was like, or to learn about their history.  Snippets of images, music, and video probably lay around your home and your family members homes.  They are sitting there dusty and fading in time.  Maybe they get mixed up in a move or lost in a fire.  Now you can commemorate your family affairs and genealogy in a beautifully crafted video documentary from Family Storyteller.

With a large background as a broadcast journalist, Kimberly Houk discovered a talent for uncovering the heartwarming personal stories of different individuals.  She combines images, stories, writings, newspaper clippings, music, voice over, stored voice recordings, and the history of your genealogy and family affairs in one documentary.  Your loved ones won't have to search for their genealogy and heritage. You can capture your lineage in one video documentary.  Now family affairs can be captured in time for eternity for all future generations to see.  Does your family have a special event or affair they want to commemorate?  When you save your history for future generations, you are making it easier for them to search for their genealogy. You can upload your special video to a related website so they don't have to do much searching to find out about their lineage.

Kimberly combines all the most important aspects of an individuals life into one documentary; their career, accomplishments, relationships, and favorite memories.  Her knack for gathering accounts from family members and friends is unmatched, providing each individual with an in depth and personal representation of the life of their loved one.  The ability to format it onto a high definition DVD allows it to be preserved for future generation.  They get to know the personality and legacy of their ancestors, rather than just facts.

There is no better way to remember those special affairs than to preserve them in a video documentary.  Future generations will be able to revel in their genealogy without having to perform tireless searches on the internet, or in the local library.  History is an important part of who you are, and you can make your genealogy and family affairs easy to access when you create a timeless video documentary. Don't make your family search for their heritage; create your documentary video today.