Kimberly Houk

Family Storyteller documents your lineage in a video format that can be passed down through members of your family tree.

Family is the most important things that we have.  We cherish those special moments with our loved ones.  Often, individuals document their family tree and ancestry for generations to come.  Some may be snippets of video from birthdays, but most of this documentation is done on paper, or maybe stored on a website online where access is difficult.  Does an amateur genealogist control the roots to your family tree and ancestry?  Maybe these tools offer some pieces of your family tree documented here or there, but there are big chunks that are a mystery.  Has a relative made a feeble attempt to document your ancestry?  It takes a lot to piece all of these puzzles together to get an accurate description.  You can save your future generation's valuable time and money by documenting your family tree and ancestry on a high quality video documentary.

Kimberly Houk is an experienced broadcast journalist who has uncovered a passion for creating documentaries for loved ones.  She uses pictures and videos, along with articles, and keepsakes to create a high definition video that highlights the life of the honoree.  Using her skills as an interviewer, Houk asks the right questions to gather the favorite memories from the friends and family, making sure the video is accurate.  When you select our professionals to preserve your precious family tree and ancestry, you can be sure that your history will be treated with the utmost respect.  We will work with you to present your family tree the way it should be, and the way you want it to be. Video Documentation of your ancestry has never been easier.  A video is a great way to tell the real, whole story about your family tree. Let your loved ones hear your voice, and see your smile.  Important stories can be preserved for your grandchildren and generations to come.

Document these great stories and more on a high definition video by Family Storyteller.  Your relatives can participate and share their knowledge of the history and ancestry that made them who they are today.  Getting a firsthand account allows people to see the personality and vitality of the featured individuals, passing down much more than just their family name.  A video can capture every image, and sound that is important to the lineage, and history of your family's tree. When you pass on, your memories and knowledge of your ancestry may leave this world with you but it doesn't have to; contact us today to start your video documentary.