Kimberly Houk

Family Storyteller offers family video documentaries to preserve your lineage for future generations.

Family memories are so precious.  Everyone has their "ideas" on what a family is like, but you can create a historical video documentary of your family so that future generations will know the truth the life and stories of your family.  Many people are fed falsehoods about what their family history is, but when they dig a little deeper, they find that those just aren't true.  Some people find out good things about their family, and some find out the dark side to their family.  Both of these are important to record on a video documentary for your loved ones so that they can understand their lineage.

Kimberly Houk, a renowned broadcast journalist offers a unique way to document your favorite family memories and honor your loved ones. She gathers together journals, articles, images, and videos, compiling a visual and audio remembrance of your loved one.  She interviews family members and friends, letting them outline the important moments of the honoree's life. Your grandparents and great-grandparents can preserve their unique stories on a documentary type video for future generations to see.  A high definition video documentary ensures that your loved ones will be able to relive those moments through the eyes of their family.  They can hear the excitement and sadness that may come with those stories.  They can debunk some of the myths that may surround your family's lineage.  A video documentary is a great way to make sure your legacy lives on for years to come.

A video documentary can also be a great way to capture precious events like births, weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions.  Your family can relive these special moments for generations to come through a video documentary.  Document your family's lineage and heritage in a beautiful high definition video.  Stories are told the way you want them to be heard.  Show pictures of past generations, or videos of current loved ones.  Do you have newspaper clippings you want to include?  Great!  These are a great way to capture history on your documentary type video.  Don't let your memories fade, document them for future generations to enjoy.  Let us help you preserve your beautiful memories today so that your children can enjoy them tomorrow.