Kimberly Houk

Contribute to the documentation of your genealogy by using the memory preservation from Family Storyteller.

Now you can contribute to your family's genealogy and family tree, by preserving the memory of your lineage in a Family Storyteller's video documentary.  Many of us search for who we are and where we come from, but most of us end up at a dead road on our genealogical search.  We either receive inaccurate information that is online and not based on facts, or we are expected to pay an arm and a leg to find out information about our family tree.  Make it easier on your future family members by investing in a video documentary from Family StoryTeller.

In addition to facts, a video documentary helps memory preservation, allowing us to pass along our favorite stories.  Kimberly Houk is an experienced broadcast journalist who has developed a knack for laying out lifetimes in short, priceless video documentation.  Utilizing a variety of resources, including articles, journals, pictures, videos, and recordings, she compiles all the most important moments in an individual's life.  She compiles all the facts and materials to commemorate the big moments in a person's life and describe their relationships, careers, and special occasions.

We encourage many of your family members to participate in the video documentary so that your future generations can get an accurate picture of their genealogy and who belongs on which branch of the family tree.  We can preserve these precious memories for you and your loved ones so that you can tell them your stories in your voice.  There is nothing better than hearing the story of your family tree from the mouths of the ones who lived it.  Sometimes Grandpa is the only one who can tell the story the way it needs to be.  Why not capture the love and laughter of his story in a video documentary?  Your loved ones will be able to see why he was so important to the family tree.

Capture and preserve the essence and memory of your  genealogy with a video documentary.  Let your loved ones hear your voice and see your reaction to stories about your family.  Let them see you laugh and cry.  Share and preserve beautiful memories like weddings and births.  When you share and preserve your genealogy with Family Storyteller, you will receive a quality product that gives an array of insight for future generations.