Kimberly Houk

Use Family Storyteller for preserving your memories and genealogy in a unique and personal story. 

Family memories are priceless.  There is no way to replace those valuable times spent with your close relative.  Now you can preserve your memories and accomplishments by using Family Storyteller to document your genealogy. What better way to pass on your legacy to future generations to come?  With video documentaries, your future family will be able to understand their heritage, where they came from, and who their ancestors are.  Make it easier for your future generations to look into the past and pass on your genealogy through memory preservation and documentation. 

When family members become ill, you hang on to their every word, trying desperately to remember the sound of their voice, how they look, and the small habits they do that make them so unique.  You can preserve these genealogical memories when you choose a Family Storyteller video.  Kimberly Houk, an experienced broadcast journalism gathers all the information, images, keepsakes, videos, recordings, and combines them to create something personal and informative.  When your loved one passes on, you want to be able to hold on to everything you can to remember them.  Many people are afraid that images and sounds of their loved ones will fade in their memory over time.  Preserve your genealogy and leave your legacy.  With a video documentary from Family Storyteller, you can preserve these precious moments in time and remember your loved ones for years to come.

A video documentary is also a great way to preserve your family's history, heritage, and genealogy.  You can include anything you want future generations to know about your family in the video so that there is no question of who they are, and where they come from.  Kimberly works with the family and interviews them to find out favorite memories and occasions.  These add to the look and feel of the overall video, giving it a more personal touch.  She gathers the information and fills in the honoree's timeline with stories and memories, making sure to smooth out the overlap and put it in chronologically.  

Do you want your future family to see your wedding and love story?  Preserve this genealogical memory in your video documentary!  You can include the birth of your child, who may be your grandchild's parent one day.  They can truly see where they came from, and what their family is like.  If something were to happen to their parent, they have a great way to get to know who they were and where they come from. Pass on and preserve traditions and genealogy using Family Storyteller.