Kimberly Houk

Family Storyteller creates remembrance documentaries that uphold the posterity of your family.

Do you remember when the family would congregate for the holidays, a summer picnic, a birthday party, anniversary, or maybe just for that Sunday brunch?  How about a play or recital?  Some of these events are probably caught on tape, but don't you wish your family would have commemorated these remembrances about their loved ones with a video documentary?  Now you can!  Family Storyteller creates personalized remembrance documentaries for your posterity.  Capture your beautiful family memories in our high definition video documentaries.  Our talented journalist, Kimberly Houk will collaborate with your family to create a timeless documentary that will capture the essence of your family.  The history of your family is so important to the posterity of your family, so create memories that will last a lifetime.

Kimberly works with your family to gather articles, images, videos, and historical keepsakes and uses them to compile a video timeline.  She also interviews various family members and friends to gather all the favorite stories and memories, adding to the personal value of the video.  This will keep the memories going for all posterity to see.  With a large journalistic background, Houk has a knack for retrieving favorite moments and incorporating meaningful songs and images.   Your family members are also encouraged to participate in this remembrance video documentary so that they can share memories of the honoree.  Keep the posterity of your family alive.

In the unfortunate event that a loved one is ill, or has passed on, a remembrance video documentary is a great way to commemorate their life and posterity.  Combine video, photos, newspaper clippings, music, and documentary style interviews to remember those you love.  Do you have saved voice recordings you wish to add to your video?  Just bring us a copy and we will work with you to create a masterpiece.  Cherish your loved ones for a lifetime when you partner with Family Storyteller.  Uphold the posterity of your family for years to come.

Do you want to highlight someone's life in a remembrance video documentary for their posterity?  We create high definition DVDs with interview style commentary complete with images, music, and any other special touch you may want in order to celebrate your loved ones.  Keep the past alive and well when you craft a beautifully documented remembrance video for your loved ones posterity.  There is no better way to remember those we love.