Kimberly Houk

Family Storyteller is the best way to preserve your lineage and document the legacy of your loved ones.

Have you ever wondered where you came from? Have you ever wanted to see who belongs to your family lineage and what makes up their legacy?  Have you searched the internet endlessly trying to find out your lineage?  It can be a daunting task to research your lineage or legacy online.  There are so many websites out there and it is hard to know which ones are factual.  They also ask you to pay a fee just to find out who you are. Why not preserve your family legacy for future generations and make it easy to find out their lineage by creating a Family Storyteller video documentary?  When you create this video for your family, you make it easy for your loved ones to know exactly who they are.  You can include factual information in a documentary format, allowing future generations to not only find out names and facts, but get a glimpse of who their ancestors were.

This unique method of preserving your legacy is a beautiful, custom documentary video that can help your family trace their legacy and lineage for generations to come.  Kimberly Houk, a prominent journalist goes through videos, articles, journals, and images to compile the story of your loved one.  Using her expertise, she interviews family members and friends to really emphasize the individuality and personality of the honoree.  What better way to share the family lineage and legacy than by letting your future generations to get a firsthand account of your family's story?  So much can be shared and preserved with a simple video documentary, and The Family Storyteller provides these videos in high-definition format DVDs so that they will last for generations to come.

Do you want to show your grandchildren and great grandchildren who their grandparents where?  Do you want them to see the love you shared at your wedding?  Do you have unique and fascinating stories that you want to share and keep alive in your family?  Why not capture them in a Family Storyteller video documentary.  Your lineage and legacy can be preserved, and the memories and stories of your family will be kept alive for generations to come!  Kimberly interviews several family members to make sure your lineage and legacy is represented in a factual and accurate way.  When multiple people participate in your video documentary from Family Storyteller, you are sure to capture and preserve an accurate representation of your family's history.  Get started today by contacting us to reserve your session.